squirting-689861_640When it comes to matters about your girl’s pleasure, you literally have it at your fingertips. With jut the use of your hands, you can provide her with maximum pleasure and make her squirt. The vagina is a very sensitive area that has a lot of nerve endings that when properly stimulated, can give her an amazing orgasm. With the powerful techniques on how to finger her, you are assured of making her squirt.

Below are some of the techniques:

The Rubber

For almost any woman, the best part to stimulate is her clitoris. What you need to do is first apply water based lubricant on your fingers to make them slippery. Then, using the tips of your middle finger, rub her clitoris in soft and circular motions. If you are doing it the right way, you will know from how her body reacts.

Continue with the same pace while increasing the speed slowly. Try not to go too fast because you will easily lose focus. If the woman is enjoying it, she might give a comment to show the pleasure. There are some that even like it when you transit slowly from the clitoris into her vagina without her noticing it.

The G-spot Sign

The G-spot can be quite difficult to locate. Though hard to find, the searching process can be very enjoyable. The G-spot is usually located at the top part inside the vagina. The fastest and easiest way to locate it is by use of fingers with your hand palm turned up. Using your fingers make something like a hook motion. With your fingers still curved, insert them slowly and try to imagine that you want to touch her belly button. Don’t be in a rush when starting, go in slow motions and then you can increase the pace as the pleasure increases.

The Double Arousal

This involves the use of both hands to stimulate your girl. Using the fingertips of one hand, rub her clitoris in slow motions and at the same time glide your other hand inside her vagina. The hand help technique increases the chance of her squirting and she will remain lubricated. To add stimulation, try keeping your palm turned upward. Another trick is, when you are sliding your fingers in her vagina, tap her clitoris gently. And you are going to see the magic it does.

The Fastest Finger

This is the best technique for women who like hopping up and down. To ensure that it works best, kneel directly in front of her with her legs wide spread. In this position you can see her vagina clearly and won’t miss it while thrusting. Insert your fingers in a very fast motion and do this until she reaches orgasm and squirts.

Wrap Up

These are just a few of the finger techniques that you can use to arouse your girl. Remember that every woman reaches her orgasm differently. So if one does not work well for you, stop it and try a different one until you get what suits her best.