pregnancy-23889_640Most men yearn to be able to produce more semen. Ejaculating a larger volume of seminal fluid can make you enjoy massive ejaculations and intense orgasms. Not only this, but it also helps boost male fertility by ensuring an increased sperm count. Your overall health and diet are extremely important as far as your sexual and reproductive health is concerned.

Do you get weak ejaculations and semen just dribbles out when you ejaculate? There are some ways to naturally increase ejaculate by modifying your diet and lifestyle a little bit. Below are the top 3 ingredients to boost your sperm count naturally.

1. “Zinc” is the Magic Word

No other mineral influences semen production in the body like zinc does. Your body does not only require the production of more semen but also to produce the male sex hormone testosterone. It is the zinc mineral that makes oysters a great aphrodisiac.

Have you at any time wondered why bananas can hoist fertility in men? Well, bananas are rich in zinc. This helps boost them boost the production of testosterone in your body. Not only this, they also contain an enzyme called ‘bromelain’ which is known to boost male libido.

Bananas are also rich in Vitamins like riboflavin and potassium that helps increase your energy levels. After all, sex is all about energy! Not only this, they also help boost your sperm count.

Other foods that are rich in zinc are red meat and poultry.

2. Increase Your Water Intake

No other drink can ever be compared with water. It is important for almost all your body functions, and it is no different when it comes to semen production. If you are dehydrated, your body is likely to produce a lower volume of semen.

As such, it is the first step to increasing your semen volume. Make it a point to have at least eight glasses of water every day.

3. Herbal or Natural Semen Enhancers

Natural or herbal semen enhancers have become a highly popular choice. Such semen enhancers combine various herbal and other natural ingredients to increase your semen production and sexual potency so that you can enjoy massive ejaculations along with the ability to get rock solid and longer lasting erections.

Such semen enhancing supplements can be a great help in increasing your ejaculate. In fact, they not just boost semen production in your body but ensure overall sexual enhancement coupled with an increased sex drive, rock solid erections and better ejaculatory control to help you last longer in bed and enjoy earth shattering orgasms.

Such supplements are a blend of natural ingredients such as zinc gluconate, zinc asparate, l-arginine, l-glysine, l-carnitine, maca, muira pauma, pomegranate 70% ellagen, tribulus terrestris, tongat ali, etc. Also, they can make you produce massive semen loads. Top of the line supplements can help increase your semen production by as much as 500% within a few months.

These natural Ingredients also increase blood flow to the penis, and this ensures rock solid erections and a higher sex drive. Your will be almost always in the mood to have sex. This is likely to add a little spice to your sex life, and your woman is going to love it.