8 Best Places to Visit in Finland

aurora-731456_640From the art-oriented cities of Helsinki and Turku to the valleys of the Boreal forests and the scarcely inhabited outer Archipelago, Finland remains one of the most unexplored corners of Europe. On top of acting as a playground for both summer and winter activities; the cities and towns offer many unique historical and cultural attractions.

Helsinki, in particular the Eastern part of it where Finland’s seafaring history comes to life, is the main point of entry of visitors to Finland. Sightseers will find state of the art museums, modern restaurants, art galleries and exhibitions and the best ever shopping experience not to mention the defensive fortifications and the old but intact iron works.

To the West lies Turku, the ancient capital of Finland. Thanks to the second largest university of the country being located here, Turku hosts a spirited population who make its nightlife young and fun. It is thus a hotbed of vibrant festivities and experimental art.

From Turku, it is also possible to visit the Aland. It is an autonomous archipelago between Sweden and Finland that can be reached through ferry. Some of Finland’s historical landmarks are found here, particularly around Salvatic and Sund.

For those looking to venture further afield to a scenic forest and lake landscape, Tampere is the city to visit. Its setting between two vast lakes has a down-to-earth vitality on the visitors making it a favorite to many.

The south coast is a paradise for the boaters. Numerous islets form chains of archipelagos. The historical and charming coastal towns offer summer cruises, charter boats and guest harboring activities that enable you to explore the island. Historical iron work and lakes can be found on the hinterland.

Sweet little Oulu lies near the North end of the Gulf of Bothnia, at the Spring of Oulu River. During spring, various sporting events such as skiing competitions are held here. For the sightseers, spend a morning at the market square with its breathtaking dose of culture, Finnish pastries and excellent coffee.

Although the whole of Finland could be dubbed as lake land; Lakeland is a destination with more water than even terra firma. On top of that, the water is sublime and sparkling clean reflecting the sky and the trees clearly as a mirror. It definitely leaves an indelible impression.

Finally, a must do to the visitors to Finland is a trip to the awesome wilds of Lapland. The peace and magic in Lapland haunts your imagination and helps you explore your memory. Rovaniemi, the official terrestrial residence of Santa Claus is the capital city of Finnish Lapland. The wonder, Akitum museum, is the perfect introduction to this mystic land. It is a perfect place to organize activities from. In addition, it is also Lapland’s transport hub.